The Corsair

The Corsair 1.1

Mobile adventure on the high seas?


  • Cute, if simple graphics
  • Overall presentation is good


  • Poor detection
  • Unreasonably difficult

Not good
The Corsair is a Duck Hunt style game for Pocket PC. You're the captain of the new ship Corsair, who has set sail for adventure upon the high seas, and found it, immediately running into pirates.

Through ten levels, and three difficulty levels, you touch the screen where you want to shoot. As well as pirates and other baddies popping up, there is the occasional damsel in distress who you're supposed not to shoot. This is all presented in a vaguely animated cartoon style.

From Duck hunt through to Time Crisis, the 'light gun shooter' has proved to have lasting attraction for gamers, though the evolution from light gun to touchscreen has had mixed results. The chief problem with The Corsair and similar games for touchscreen systems is one of ease. Everyone can easily 'aim' their finger or pointer to a spot on a screen, which removes a great deal (or all) of the skill, as well as the 'I'm holding a gun' element.

The Corsair solves this difficulty problem by having very sensitive sprite detection, so if you don't touch the enemies right in the center, they will not die. Unfortunately, this is more of an irritation than a good challenge, as the game feels unfairly hard. The graphics in The Corsair are also too simple, and the small number of enemies often pop up on top of each other, which looks ugly as well as cheap.

Shooters like this can be cool to play when you've got a few free minutes, but The Corsair is a generally unsatisfying experience.

The Corsair


The Corsair 1.1

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